Friday, July 10, 2009

You hurt me...

I thought we were bonded in love,
on the very premise of trust,
but I know now ~
it wasn't the same for you
and so my heart you hurt !

you promised me you would care,
you said you wouldn't hurt ever,
n' I took it all as gospel ~
but my life you turned it hell !

when you said you had
not yet made up ya mind
were all the true love
claims of yours asinine?

behind my back with my friend
you tried to connive
and made me look like a fool
was I a real dumb lass to confide
n' share it all with you?

your tacit denial of our relation ~
broke my heart and shattered my dreams,
they took me back to the world I bequeathed,
a place filled with my tears, fears and screams !

I looked back to see if I'd faltered,
or done something to seed ya thoughts,
I found out I had done nothing as such
n' it was ya wile that got us to lurch !

do you know that here I am crying
shedding tear drops for someone like you?
for all your promises of not hurting me
remain baseless and untrue !

I know that you'll never change,
I am feeling trapped within a maze,
I don't know if I can take
it all in my stride..??
for truth remains unscathed ~
that you have hurt me and my pride..!!

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