Friday, July 3, 2009

You are "The One"

Fate, finally has been kind
after such a long time
as it blessed me with thine
n' destined you for me
I know YOU are "The One"
yes, my love, you are mine!

I have always needed you
n' now, that I have you by my side
do hold my hand n' lead me away
into your world, abode your place
n' chase away my fears n' doubts
as you wipe the tears off my face

I need you to take me off my past
n' heal my shattered soul n' heart
after all the trials that I have had
I hope together, we remain glad
God, sent you as my angel from above
I promise, I shall once again learn to love

I can feel my heart open again
I know it's opening only for you
just come in, and love me lots
that's all I want you to do
as my mind wonders n' heart beats
I realize, I'm nothing without you

you are the one who makes me whole
you have deeply touched my soul
I've made you, now, my reason to live
All of myself, to you, I give
you are my world, you are my heart
now, I cannot live, with you apart!

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