Monday, July 27, 2009

A Special One...

June' 09 -
A month back from today ...
I found a special SOMEONE
or maybe he found me
or was it fate ordained, chance or destiny?
pre-destination that may be called in any name
it feels like an act destined
at time's beginning
an unseen to be seen
when it was meant to be

It’s something I'll never know
it doesn’t matter now -
for the bond has been
nurtured to be very strong

So much of him I like & adore
his gentle expression 
sealed with warmth
his witty humor n' impressive intellect
cast in a honest face
and an ever-ready smile 
flashed through concerned eyes

Our relation is special to me in so many ways
that it cannot be so easily defined
but know that -
it means the WORLD to me
to have known and bonded with him
incised with hope & true care
counting the days and hours we spend together
cherishing them in memory to live for ever...

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