Saturday, July 25, 2009

Soul Redeemer

The world looked at me through shattered glass
piercing at my every body part
steadily hurting but never quite knowing
that the pain within me was growing
everything moved and continued to move
everthing transformed and continued to transform
the entire surrounding was caving in on me
with every passing moment, rising my agony
my soul though captured, yearned to set free
the mere thought of which seemed blasphemy
the light that I saw was from the dead stars
the new born ones were miles apart
such was the paradox of my life
that my fractured soul sought to know
what was it that it had done
for not finding love in abandon

To each one is obliged a soulmate I was told
and so he came across as the restorer of my soul
he healed my heart and set it free
he muted the forces that were oppresssing me
he brought in with him an oppurtune for my rebirth
I sought solace in him; he gave me back my earth

My light, love, inspiration
with you, my soul has been redeemed
I am no longer simply existing
at long last, I have started living!!

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