Saturday, February 13, 2010


She writes often of darkness n' of gloom
it seems in her garden never a flower bloomed
She walks with her smile so full of sunshine
n' regales in mirth e'en when pain inclines
She has been hurt deep, her wound is raw
lone battles she has fought, without thaw
She has tucked away all her dreams somewhere
n' has embraced cold solitude, in despair
She is rooted to ground with her wings unborn
it is not wrong, if she feels lost n' forlorn
She has been mortified, without any fault
in vain have been all her attempts to exalt

Thru' endless years, she's been seeking love
will the heavenly grace on her bestow?
Melancholia it is for now it seems -
wish 'twas untrue, wish 'twas her dream!

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