Monday, February 1, 2010

I Forgive You...

Deny as you may, all that you've done
truth is that you left me abandoned
you had your face masked in disguise
your path was laden with betrayal n' lies!

You hurt me lots, you caused me pain
you got my tears all out n' drained
you were the reason for my agony
What you did was indeed blasphemy!

I was trapped inside, I felt numb around
I felt I was shattering without any sound
I wanted to yell, I wanted to cry
I didn't know on whom I could rely!

Yet there was something that was true
I felt deep within that I owed it to you
all the happiness and all the love
God sent you were to me from above!

I've no hard feelings now not any more
havin' shed the baggage, I now feel whole
my anger over time has been assuaged
I will no longer live my life enraged!

I hope you learn from what you've done
I pray you do not do it with anyone
I have finally seen it all through you
Yet...I Forgive you! I Forgive you!

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