Saturday, January 31, 2009

Known Unknown

When our life's paths interwined
It felt then as if we were destined
to be known to each other
and share the journey together

Two souls in search of an anchor
united in friendship splendour
Life in its realm appeared bliss
with sheer love, joy n' caress

Then came the accusation
the heartburn in the relation
the farceness, the gamble
life seemed in shambles

Your gratitude, your pretence
was only an effervesence
and when the charm ended
the charmer, you disdained

Thoughts about you upset n' I sigh
your talks, your words, a blatant lie
I despise myself for holding you so close
that you question my integrity n' called it hoax

The sadness further darkens my mind
known's become unknown, thanks to thine
I shudder to think of the past now -
But, I know I have to learn to live with it somehow.

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