Wednesday, June 24, 2009


She was clouded in the ambivalence of the unknowns
She ran from watchful eyes n' got trapped in the shadows
She struggled to find tears when she wanted to cry
She was filled with tropes of emptiness that set her dry
Till love found her when fading hope shattered her will
And -
She rose like a phoenix from her own ash fill
She faced life's trials, scathed yet strong
She led through the darkest nights, awaiting the dawn
She searched for transcendence in all her quests
She mused over her past and her vacant pursuits

The twilight in her life blossomed her spark
As it eclipsed the cusp of light and dark
She set herself free from the captivity of her past
With her new found freedom, she found out what she'd lost 

Embalmed with love, enthralled in mystic bliss
She glowed as she sang her own twilight twist!

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