Monday, June 8, 2009

Stay Afloat! Stay Ashore!

when the ripples come alive with each stroke n' wonder
how in the yonder, the sea n' sky embrace each other
when the soft hues of sunset, replenished by night
uphold the pristine waxing n' waning moonlight
when the only source of light away, shimmers
illuminating everything as it saunters
Stay afloat! Stay ashore!
when shadowless waters, brim with froth
adrift as a soul in peril n' appear lost
when dark cloudy storms bellow, with no escape
stumbling through waves in a shrouded haze
when rustling breeze bounce over the streams
n'then disappear like a silent dream
Stay afloat! Stay ashore!

if you don't brave the storm, don't tackle it by horn
you won't survive the tide, you will be gone
so ride the waves, take the plunge
for life's a flow n' its true
hang in there, be it high or low,
for this is what you got to do
Stay afloat! Stay ashore!

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