Tuesday, April 7, 2009


quiet yet unquiet was how it began
n' then the turbulence took over my mind
I felt restrained within my own confines
unable to think, unable to move
I stood rooted at ground zero
with the shackles of loneliness
caving in on me, o! how much -
I longed for a glimpse of mirage
but I kept falling in the menacing dark
'twas like a free fall from mind to heart
with nothing to say or hear about
unrequited love anguishing my soul
tears contriving to trap my mind
fetters of fear making me cold
with pain so devastatingly intense
in the frame of a tacitly recluse soul
reprising the footprint impressions
clamoring over the times bygone
wanting to embrace the eternal flame
reprieving till then in solitude realm!!

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