Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bridge Across Forever

As I kept walking ~
through the tunnel of life
I thought it would turnout
to be a blissful sojourn

I chased the wind
to catch the rainbow
I sprayed the colors
to paint the meadows

as I stumbled on blocks
and meandered my way
the cracks began to show
and paths grew astray

like pomeron trajectory
my footprints imagery lay
in the canvas of my mind
the only color was dark gray

I am hurt, I am broken
Yet I have ~
a will that's unshaken
I move towards the light
that cuts through the dark
at the end of the tunnel
that's long and stark

I know there is ~
a conduit out there
arching towards the sky
built by the HANDS above
pillared by pristine love
tunneling the bridge
across the dark forever!!

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