Friday, October 2, 2015

One more TIME...

she saw opportunity 
when others saw nothing
for her the impossible 
didn't exist
she took the risks 
she survived the falls
an epitome of verve
encapsulated it all
an extended phase of darkness
engulfed her for so long
she was distraught
she was torn
embracing solitude 
she withdrew her wings
stoned into numbness
standing still
one fine night
when she was communing 
she realized that not all was over
that there was something inside her
that held her fragile self
from disintegrating altogether

she decided to give-in her all
one more time
she wanted to face life 
with tough resolve
one last time
as if on cue
her spirit soared
she felt hopeful once more
softly, she whispered
Oh! Universe, please conspire
help me tide this over...

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