Friday, February 7, 2014

Little Girl

as she slowly wiped the tears 
streaming down her eyes
she looked in the mirror
but could not recognize 
as who she was seeing
was someone she did not identify
dead eyes, lost smile, and
an expression that was dauntingly cold 
loudly she wondered, 
"What did her life, today, behold?"
where was the little girl
who knew who she wanted to become
why had she let life take its toll
and become "Who she had become?"
there were no answers 
to her who, what, when and why
she knew she had to do something 
to get back the spirit of her life
she knelt down to collect
a fistful of golden sand
that gleamed like hope
in the centre of her hand
she took a deep breath, and 
softly whispered to the Universe
I am blowing away the miseries
and the shackles binding me
let me be the little girl I was
let me be the spirited ME..!!

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